What is Tapestry?

   After 19 years with various hospital groups in Occupational Medicine, I ended my contractual relationship with various medical groups and a host of Workers Compensation payers in December 2021 to focus on a new direction in energy medicine.  Full disclosure, it's both exciting and terrifying to walk away from 'the money.'  But my experiences during the COVID pandemic shifted my own perspective so completely, that I no longer resonate with the standard medical model of "fix me."  Fans of Joe Dispenza's work in "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" will remember he describes a similar process after his own recovery from a broken spine, where he simply couldn't treat in the same way because he no longer believed in that model.  In my case, to stay in Occupational Medicine after 2 years of COVID became stifling.   My goal has always been to empower patients to know they can heal and to facilitate that in whatever way that I can, whether through m